AR Traffic Consultants, Inc.

Analysis Reporting

In the current climate, you need access to information to make business decisions. Carriers change their rates, shipping patterns change with your customer base, shipments are not always sent with the most cost-effective carrier. The reporting package allows you to analyze the available current and historical data, extracting the information that you need.

Shipment history can be pulled from either or both of your freight accrual and history files. Multiple selection criteria (date range, mode, carrier, warehouse, state, ZIP, customer) can be used to tailor reports to your needs. Additional charges such as fuel surcharges and accessorial charges can be included or excluded. Specific modes can be excluded from results, modes can be matched, routing preferences displayed.

Routing Opportunity shows instances where shipments were not tendered to the carrier with the best rates.

Rate Analysis shows you the cost impact of changes in the carrier's rates, including changes in the tariff, discount, FAK, accessorials and fuel surcharges.

Warehouse Relocation determines the cost impact of rerouting your shipments through another warehouse as shipping patterns change.

Warehouse Opportunity analyzes multiple warehouses simultaneously to determine the most cost-effective warehouse to use for that shipment.

Compliance Analysis shows whether shipments were routed according to routing preferences or not.


"We utilize the Rate Analyzer tool to provide us with cost analysis and assist in mass rating requests we receive from many facets of our business. The tool has saved thousands of working hours over the former manual-rating methodology we previously employed. AR Traffic was instrumental in assisting us with developing the tool to suit our needs using theoretical or proposed data in place of historical data, and ensuring the results we received aligned with our expectations. Any concerns have always been promptly reviewed and when necessary, addressed by AR Traffic. They have been a valued partner of IMS for many years."

Rich Atwater
Business Analyst
IMS Fastpak