AR Traffic Consultants, Inc.

CalcBOLTM Consolidated Bill of Lading

When you need to produce detailed carrier documentation, CalcBOL provides you with a complete system for printing detailed Bills of Lading. All orders travelling to the same customer and address are consolidated onto the same Bill of Lading. You can create a master Bill of Lading for multi-stop and pool truckload shipments and "Subs" for each individual customer stop.

Automatic assignation of Bill of Lading numbers and the detailed history files save you time and money, eliminating duplication and clerical errors

Features include:

  • automatically assigns Bill of Lading numbers
  • combines shipments to the same customer
  • handles all levels of manifests and Bills of Lading
  • compatible with hazardous material shiipment
  • fully integrated with CalcRate/ERP/WMS
  • compatible with multiple freight terms
  • complete history maintained
  • Bills of Lading can also be created manually