AR Traffic Consultants, Inc.

Truckload Bid Analyzer

If you ship throughout the country, keeping track of your truckload lanes and carriers can be a logistics nightmare.

ARTC's Truckload Bid Analyzer provides you with a tool to extract your truckload freight history by market lane, number of shipments, average and total weight shipped for any period of time that you select. This information is transmitted to your prospective carriers via email as a CSV spreadsheet. Carriers can bid on some or all of the lanes as mileage or flat rates and email their offers to you.

Carriers bids are uploaded into the analyzer and you can evaluate them. Reports are divided into "internal" reports which identify and rank the carriers by individual lane and overall performance for your use. "External" reports can be shared with the carriers and show them where they stand vis-`a-vis the other carriers allowing them to modify their bids to your advantage.

Final bids can be loaded into our rating program, CalcRate with the push of a button, or routing guides can be developed. This can be combined with our routing optimization program CalcRoute allowing you to consolidate LTL shipments into truckloads, increasing your savings even more.

Features include:

  • email your freight history to prospective carriers
  • automatically load freight bids from spreadsheet
  • accepts flat or mileage bids
  • any fuel surcharge table
  • multiple internal reports compare carriers by lane
  • transmit reports to carriers showing high, low, average bids by lane
  • compare initial vs second bids
  • load your final rates into CalcRate with the press of a button
  • combine with CalcRoute optimizer to maximize savings