AR Traffic Consultants, Inc.

Cloud-based Freight Rating

Our system has at its core an advanced carrier rate database, CalcRateTM, with a sophisticated search engine and freight-pay system. It is used in carrier selection to determine the lowest-cost carrier with the appropriate level of service. You can evaluate an entire day's shipments by uploading a file, a single shipment or anything in between. You can use any carrier tariff, any combination of discounts, FAKs, floor charges, fuel surcharge and accessorial charges. Daily shipments can also be evaluated by CalcRouteTM, our freight optimization module to combine LTL shipments to truckload or pool shipments.

General ledger coding is automatic and all of your freight history is preserved. This enables you to easily assign costs and track trends, compare rates and discounts over time. This information is critical when carriers bid for new contracts.

Use of a third-party freight payment service becomes unnecessary as CalcRate handles all of these essential functions. Fully supportive of EDI billing, CalcRate will match the carriers' freight bills with your Bills of Lading. The robust auditing and freight-pay functions facilitate your ability to avoid payment for duplicate billing, wrong rate application and service failures, approving only appropriate payments, saving you money by avoiding costly claims. Additionally, our powerful freight dashboard can be made available.

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Features include:

  • least cost routing
  • allocation of freight charges
  • analysis and accrual reports
  • compare carrier rates, regardless of mode
  • streamlined audit/payment functions
  • payment history maintained
  • fully integrated with routing optimization module further decreasing freight costs