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ARTC Transportation Blog

1/11/2017- Where Should You Locate Your New Warehouse? My neighborhood guitar store closed the other day after 17 years in New York’s Lower East Side. I was speaking with the owner who told me that more and more of their sales were coming from more

7/19/2016- Keep an Eye on Your Freight Spend You go to Amazon to order a set of 850-count sheets to match the new paint in your bedroom. You read the reviews, select the size and color and add them to your shopping cart. You’ll have them more

6/21/2016 - Negotiate With Your Carriers for Freight Savings I recall some years ago spotting a tarnished brass lamp in a marketplace in the Middle East. I was sure that rubbing this lamp would produce a genie who would grant me three more

5/24/2016 - Lower Your Freight Spend by Auditing You have just finished a lovely dinner with a friend. The bill comes to the table, it’s twice what you expected and you don’t recognize any of the food listed, except for that flambéed dessert you saw at the next more

4/19/2016 - How a Little Data Can Add Up to Big Savings We live in the new world of Big Data provided by running hundreds or thousands of powerful processors in parallel. Where an influenza epidemic is predicted by Google searches. Where 99.99995% of the data from 150 million more

3/3/2016 - How Old is Your Rate Base - Does it Matter? There seems to be a competition among traffic managers as to who has the oldest LTL rate bases. We have some clients whose pricing is based on tariffs from the last century! We all know that more

1/22/2016 - Corporate vs Carrier Rate Bases - Who Cares? We all know how LTL pricing works. Apply the FAK to get the rating class and go to the black box known as a rate base and get a price per hundredweight. Then more