AR Traffic Consultants, Inc.

CalcRateTM Rating Software

CalcRate, our preeminent program, is based on a carrier rate database with a sophisticated search engine and freight pay system. Designed to interface with your order-entry and warehouse management software, you can also use it independently as a stand-alone application on your System i - iSeries - AS/400. You can use it to determine freight charges in advance and identify the carrier with the lowest rates and most appropriate timing for each shipment.

All of your freight history is preserved, allowing you to track trends and compare rates and discounts from year-to-year. This information is essential when carriers bid for new contracts. You even have the option of transferring your freight accrual or history file to utilize our powerful freight dashboard to analyze your freight key performance indicators.

You will no longer need to rely on a third-party freight payment service. CalcRate fully supports EDI billing, and will match the carriers' freight bills with your Bills of Lading. Using CalcRate's sophisticated auditing and freight pay functions, you can readily check for billing errors, including duplicate billing, wrong rate application, and service failures, approving only appropriate payments, saving you money and preventing time-consuming and costly claims.

Clear, easy-to-use and comprehensive, our software was developed in-house, so if you have implementation problems, you can speak directly with the programmer who developed the product. Responsive to our customers, many of our new developments are based upon your needs and requests.

Features include:

  • least cost routing
  • allocation of freight charges
  • interface to
    • Infor ERP XA (MAPICS)
    • Infor ERP BPCS/LX
    • PRMS
    • Warehouse BOSS
  • analysis and accrual reports
  • user-maintained rates
  • compare carrier rates, regardless of mode
  • streamlined audit/payment functions
  • payment history maintained