AR Traffic Consultants, Inc.

Manual Entry Module

When you get a spot quote from a carrier, the rate obviously will not match your contract rates. By entering the shipment through the Manual Entry Module, you preserve the ability to properly audit and pay the bills and allocate to the general ledger. Additionally, the shipment information will be preserved in your freight files.

If you need to get a spot quote, make emergency, unscheduled shipments, or plan to use CalcRate as a stand-alone application, you lose the benefits of an automated interface. But you can use the Manual Entry Module to enter the data to properly rate, audit and pay for these shipments. This is especially useful in rating your inbound freight if you do not have access to a cloud-based inbound routing logistics module.

This module contains appropriate entry screens for inbound, outbound and multi-stop shipments.

Features include:

  • fully integrated with CalcRate
  • pertinent shipping information is retained
  • add to accrual file or submit for posting