AR Traffic Consultants, Inc.

Cloud-based LTL Bid Reverse Auction

As part of our LTL Bid software and services, you have the opportunity to engage your prospective carriers in an online reverse auction event. Once carriers submit bids for your freight, the offer is loaded into the ARTC LTL Bid system and the freight rerated for each participating carrier. The carriers then have the opportunity to view their ranking by state vis a vis the other bids. Carriers then have the opportunity to revise their offer, making adjustments to the absolute minimum charge and discount percentage. These can be adjusted on a global or state-by-state basis. As carriers compete for your freight, you reap the benefits in terms of lowered freight costs. Throughout the process, you can view the overall rankings, performance of individual carrriers and state-wide comparisons via the internet.

Reverse Auction Process

  • freight history is transmitted to carriers
  • carriers offer bids using any rate base, FAK,discounts, floor charges, exceptions
  • fuel surcharge tables can be individualized
  • bids are loaded into ARTC's LTL Bid Analysis Module
  • freight is rerated and compared
  • carriers view their performance online and modify their bid
  • new floor charges and discounts are automatically loaded
  • process is repeated lowering your anticipated freight spend