AR Traffic Consultants, Inc.

Cloud-based Freight Pay

You can use our system for all of your freight payment functions. As your carrier-specific rates are already in our system, all bills are pre-audited to ensure proper payment, saving you money and claims by controlling for incorrect rates, accessorial charges, classification errors and fuel surcharges. Our powerful freight dashboard is also available for you to track the key performance indicators of your freight spend.

Freight bills are coded for you general ledger, down to the the SKU level if you require, allowing you to allocate your freight costs. The preaudit process enables you to adjust your payments in advance, eliminating the need for costly claims.

Freight Pay Process

  • carriers submit bills via EDI or hard copy
  • you can manually enter freight bills through the cloud or use our Third-Party Freight Pay service
  • freight bills are automatically coded for your general ledger
  • all bills are pre-audited
  • parcel bills are audited for service failures (late delivery)
  • duplicate payment is controlled by pro number
  • shipments can be matched with your accrual file to avoid duplicate payment


Twenty-four reports are available to you through the internet or hard copy, including freight bills in batch order, copies of checks to carriers, accounts payable, cash disbursements and carrier analysis. If you need them, we can develop custom reports. All reports are available to you on a weekly, monthly or year-to-date basis.

Past-Due Lookup

We retain your freight history for three years. Both you and your carriers can check the status of any bill, either via the Internet or by calling us.


Using your history files, we can conduct the following studies for you:

  • analyze all LTL shipments to determine if they can be combined into truckload shipments to decrease your cost and improve the service to your customers.
  • analyze all LTL shipments to determine if pool points should be established
  • analyze the cost of establishing/moving pool points to keep up with changing shipping patterns